Chocoholic Frolic 5K and a Little Catch-Up

A lot happened over the last week. Aside from being challenged by the change in weather (join a gym or no?), I am struggling with my need to go to physical therapy, work, cross training and being present at home.

First, the fun part…

Last Saturday was the Chocoholic Frolic. It was cold, raining and, at the end, gusty. The husband and the kids took part in this race too and, although the weather made this run a challenge, there was a couple of break-throughs. The best sight was the families that came out to run in the wind and wet  - the worst were the small verbal missiles I heard some couples throwing at each other (the weather doesn’t always bring out the nicest behavior in people). In the “Treat Tent” we took pictures, won some soccer jerseys in a bean bag toss and grabbed our box to gather our hard-earned goodies. Unfortunately the husband and I were not in the mood for treats – we wanted water, coffee and a shower. The girls, however, delightfully ate up our goodies as well as their own.

I ran this one without music, a rarity for me, and surprisingly I didn’t focus too much on every ache. I also jogged with one of my daughters. She has really taken me by surprise this season with her internal drive to persevere. Honestly, I think she slowed down to wait for me about half of the way through but it was a joy to talk to her and discuss the route etc. As we entered the final stretch I told her to go and she sprinted through the finish line. Our time was slower than expected but I’ll take it and the rewarding experience over being fast any day.

On a side note: I will post pictures on Facebook when I get a chance…I want to get this post up tonight.

Pop-Culture Blogging

The blog mistress at TheDailyHiit is not forcing us to blog about any particular topic. Pop-Culture is trending and is consistently make up a majority of whats being viewed on the site. That being said, pop-culture topics are not my favorite (I am guessing they are not yours either). I really like the community Bodyrock has built, the inspiration they spread and I feel like I can contribute to that in a meaningful way with my perspective. Lisa-Marie is a really good trainer – I feel like she is really talking to me when I do one of her videos. I want to be able to do that someday. I love the way running has changed me and I want to spread the active enthusiasm. So, for now, you are seeing a lot of pop-culture from my end of the internet. Period.

Personal and Physical Challenges

I lost two diet bets this week. It was bound to happen. I was 2lbs shy on one and 3 days later I was 1lb shy of the other. I let it go and ran my race. I know I can pick it up this week. Between Halloween and stress and busy schedule I am surprised I lost weight at all. I am proud of what I did lose. On to the next…

I started physical therapy for my shoulder this week. The shoulder has been waking me up in the middle of night. It is a sharp ache in the right shoulder blade that radiates throughout the surrounding muscles. The therapist told me that I was correct about my hips being the real issue, they are out of alignment so we will work on those first. He also said I have a lot to work with and that we shouldn’t have to do too many sessions. Great.

That same day, it snowed…first snow of the season and stopped just before lunch. Peering out the windows on the 8th floor I could see it was now raining. My rain jacket, for running, is not due to arrive until the 14th so I was stuck inside. A coworker suggested I do the stairs a couple of times. A couple of times being the important phrase. I thought it was such a great idea that after running the first one and walking the second one, I felt so good, I walked two more; eight flights of stairs, up and down. My legs were wobbly and tired but I burned 286 calories in 16 minutes. I felt accomplished as I fell into bed that night.

As I woke the next morning I knew I had hurt myself. It hurt to move my legs in bed. I didn’t have a clue how bad it was until I tried to walk. OUCH!!! Suffice it to say that the next two days, I struggled to do anything more than sit. My husband lovingly made me an Epsom salts bath (in which he tried to cook me, lemon juice oregano and all) and gently massaged them but all I could think about was the missed runs, my race scheduled for Saturday and my next PT appointment on Friday.

The Therapist told me its just a severe strain in the muscle. He says I have to start small on new activities like stairs. After giving me some stretches and working on my hips he had the assistant put electrodes and heat on my calves. This greatly improved my mobility throughout the day but it was still incredibly difficult to walk normal. I really felt defeated.

I feel so strong…in fact, what I see in the mirror does even begin to reflect the way I feel inside. Its hard to imagine that I spent so many years trashing my body that  even after 9 months of working on my fitness level, I still have more work to do. Its fair to say that I did not value myself in any way for a long long long time. I have found that value through running. I won’t go into too much detail right now but I want to write about that journey at a later point. There is more work to be done. I don’t want to be incredibly cut but I do want to like my body and be healthy and set a good example for my girls.

The Veteran’s Day 5k is tomorrow morning. We transferred the registration to my husband – he will run it and I will watch instead. Its hard to stand on the sidelines but I am listening to my body and my body says stop and heal.

Run/Walk With Me on November 16th


As some of you know, I started running last January. To keep me motivated I set a goal to run 13 5K’s in 2013. I just registered for the last one and I am asking each of you to join me in Jingle Bell Run/Walk to help me accomplish this goal while raising funds for arthritis.

Through running I have had some amazing experiences. I am healthier than I have been in a long time and I owe it all to putting my feet on the road. During this last year my coworkers, friends and family have been a huge source of support. You let me talk your ear off about my aches, pains, runs and races. You offered encouragement and advice. You lead by example. The best part is that it has helped me get to know some of you better. Obviously I could not be more excited to reach my goal but I would also like to spread the joy.  

My team 13 in 2013 will be tying jingle bells to our shoelaces and raising funds for the Jingle Bell Run/Walk, benefiting the Arthritis Foundation. This festive, family-friendly event will be held at Riverfront Park on November 16th. (Bring your kids and your dogs!)

 Our theme is Whoville and The Grinch (the husband is going as The Grinch). Although holiday attire and costumes are encouraged, they are by no means necessary to participate. We want you to run with us in support of a great cause and my reaching a big goal.

(We will meet before the race, to start as a group, and gather after the race at my house around 12:30 for snacks and fun! More detail on that later.)

You can join the team 13 in 2013 on Our Page.


Did you know that one in five Americans has arthritis?  That’s more than 50 million Americans including over 300,000 children – yes, kids get arthritis too.

Arthritis is much more than just aches and pains.  For many, it significantly impacts their ability to complete simple tasks like dressing themselves or even walking.  Arthritis hurts.  You can help.

Joining our winning team is easy!  The first step is to register online at our team page on The second step is to simply ask your family, friends, and neighbors to sponsor you by making a contribution to the Arthritis Foundation through our team page, or to run/walk with you on the 13 in 2013 team. The third step is to join me on race day as we Jingle our way to a world fee of arthritis pain in this worthwhile community event.

If you can’t make it on event day, you can still  help raise funds to reach our goal of $200.

Donations can be made through the team page or to me directly.

Thank you for your continued support!


jingle Bell logo

If you want to learn more about Jingle Bell Run/Walk or the Arthritis Foundation, please visit:

I hope to see you there!


Monster Dash 5K, Spokane, WA


Today’s event was even more fun than I thought it would be. Monster Dash is organized by the Spokane Swifts, an all female elite running group in our area. These ladies have put together a fine event (5 years running, pun intended) with a challenging 5K, costumes, happy kids, familiar faces, beautiful scenery and warm drinks after. Zach and I were Batman and the Joker. The kids were Sonic the Hedgehog and a Unicorn.


It couldn’t be more Fall here in the Pacific Northwest. Manito Park is incredible this time of year. I even love that some of the race participants color coordinated their outfits to match the park.


What is almost as great as this view of the park? Look at all the fun costumes. Out family had fun picking out the most creative getups. We saw a Devil’d Egg, Spock, Sock Monkey, Malificent, Zombie father and son, among others.